Being the best Dad (or Mom) that you can be

It is an unfortunate reality but a great deal of people’s parenting skills evolve from the mistakes that their parents made with them, or at least what they perceived to be mistakes.

“I will never do that with (or to) my children.”

Have you ever heard those words before?

Or maybe you’ve said them yourself?

Being a good parent does not happen by accident and it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes hard work and dedication. It requires collaboration, with your partner as well as other parents. It won’t always be perfect and you’re bound to make mistakes.

But don’t think you can coast through parenting and expect your kids to reminisce about their childhood and all the great memories that you helped provide.

Being the parent your kids need

In an effort to help provide an additional source of collaboration for dads and moms, I have published a Kindle book that provides a lot of great ideas on how you can truly be the parent that your kids need.

The parent that your kids deserve.

Dad, can we…45 Ways to be the Dad Your Kids Need (for Moms too)

Now, rather than go on and on tooting my own horn about how fabulous the book is and how it makes a great resource for every parent interested in building a strong relationship with their kids, I thought that I would share some of the feedback the book has received.

There are so many wonderful nuggets of advice in the book. Things that Dads (and Moms too!) can put into action to bring the word “unit” back into the phrase “family unit.” There are practical and fun suggestions in here that won’t cost you anything but your time. I had to laugh at some of the suggestions and can just picture a Dad and his kids doing them together.

— Denise O’Berry

Derek’s book has not only been a wake up call for me, but it has given me the advice I really needed at this time in my life. Brilliant little ideas and suggestions that hit home and made me change my attitude and outlook on many things. I want to enjoy the little time I have with my son as much as possible, before it is too late.

— MD Jou Torras

I think this was a great book for both dads and single moms or even all moms. It made me think about the time I spend with my son and what I can do to change that to make it better. A real eye opener 🙂 I really enjoyed the book! Great job!

— Amber

Every working parent knows how tough it can be at times to balance work with family. This book is a fabulous reminder of what’s really important and is chock-full of ideas for how to spend fun, quality time with your kids. The title says the book is for dads, but anyone with children will definitely find something to enjoy in this book.

— Lisa Purdy

Practical, not preachy. Encouragement and great ideas from one parent to another. More than once had a twinge in my heart, more than once a new sense of hope for how to make this priority show up better in my own life. Thanks, Derek!

— Sue LaPointe

Hopefully that gives you an idea as to what you will learn by reading my book, but please head on over to Amazon and read more reviews.

Dad, can we...45 Ways to be the Dad Your Kids Need

Steps to take right now

The first step is to head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy of my Kindle book (click the cover image to the right).

Knowing that time is a premium commodity, I’ve arranged the book as an easy-to-follow guide where you can pick and choose among the many ways to connect with your kids and build a relationship that will last a lifetime.

I’d appreciate you taking a moment to share my book with your family and friends too, as well as your twitter followers and Facebook friends.

Once all of that has been done, the last step is to come back here and become an active part of the community focused on doing better together.