Metal Mouth Mayhem


Week 9

You know how they (one of these days I’d really like to meet this damn group of people) say time flies? Well, I can attest to that as it has been a long time since I created this blog with the intentions of writing about life as an outcast among the khaki and polo shirt clad dads.

So why go through a rebirth of the blog now?

Earlier today Jaws went through a transformation of sorts as he had his braces installed (is there a better word for what they do?) and now he is learning how to live with tin teeth. Knowing he was at the orthodontist today had me reflecting on those moments as a dad where you need to make your kid smile and feel better about themselves, like they do for you so many times.

When I got home from work I was surprised to see him in a really good mood about having a mouth full of metal and there was no need to cheer him up – other than the fact that he was relieved to see I picked up the Motrin on my way home as his teeth were getting uncomfortable.

As I sat there listening to him tell me about the experience of getting braces and him showing me the bag of goodies he received for free (ahem, if you ignore the thousands we are spending for the braces) I could not help but think that the braces make him look older. Sure, he is talking a little funny right now and learning how to deal with the feeling of the braces in his mouth.

But for some reason it all makes him look older than the age of 12 that he will be as of this coming Saturday.

With the stories of the day digested and my plans for being Super Dad going unneeded, it made me think of this blog and what I once intended for it to be. Being a dad is such a significant part of my life and there is no question that my kids give me plenty to be proud about, as well as plenty to make me want to curse them out until I realize they’re doing the same things that I did as a kid.

We’ll see where this journey takes us and there is no question that it will be an interesting ride!

Right now I need to wrap things up and join G*Slick in coming up with nicknames for his brother. So far we have the following:

Metal Mouth, Tinsel Teeth, Tin Grin, Brace Face, Jaws (which you will note he actually likes and wants to be called given his love of James Bond movies) and Train Tracks.

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